Our speakers are experts in their field of family cooking.

Click on an individual speaker page for more information or find us on iTunes!

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Day 1 – Ereka Vetrini (Global perspective on picky eaters)
Day 2 – Feed Me Dearly (Introducing new foods)
Day 3 – Shutterbean’s tips on cooking for a picky toddler
Day 4 – Momable’s lunch solutions for picky eaters
Day 5 – Eve Schaub will be talking about sugar addiction
Day 6 – Jennifer Tyler Lee talks about the power of cooking with kids
Day 7 – Tess Masters talks about two diet households
Day 8 – Carolyn Scott talks about traveling with picky eaters
Day 9 – The Fresh 20 team (joined by Nutritionist, Allison Arnett) share actionable solutions for picky eatersрастения африки фото